TrueWarp IT Asia is a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in IT and software solution & development outsourcing. The Team delivers software development and architecture based on Microsoft technologies. It participates in development and in implementing projects from the initial over main analysis, design, construction, test, and implementation. 

We deliver SOA architecture for innovative and future-oriented solutions that gives the company measurable commercial advantages.



As an Offshore-outsourcing company, we are dedicated to providing clients access to specialized skills and services in website development and business-process outsourcing solutions. This includes Creative Services, Web Design, Web Development, Programming, Interface Engineering, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing, and Online Business Consultancy.

Our organization is committed to help our clients achieve greater efficiency and quality. By this, we equip them to maximize their revenue while minimizing their expenses.



True Warp IT is a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in information technology services. As a Microsoft partner, we have the competencies to work with all their technologies. We focus on Azure and cloud-based projects utilizing .Net, Office 365/SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server etc., It has been easy for True Warp IT to move under the wings of other well-known Microsoft Partner programs as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor). True Warp IT opened its office in the Philippines in 2006, strategically located within the country’s central business district – Makati City. The latter houses three teams which handles projects from international accounts.



True Warp IT uses Agile software development and SCRUM process management and methodology, enabling tasks to be broken down, thus, requiring minimal planning and shorter time frames or iterations. This helps reduce overall risks and allow the project to quickly adapt to changes. It also ensures that stakeholders are made to monitor the entire software process. It reduces defects and makes the development process more efficient, as well as reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Through this methodology, the development team continuously communicates with the customer and the latter sees constant and real progress on the project as it is being developed. The feedback loop, therefore is shorter, allowing the cross-functional group to quickly implement changes in line with what the customer really needs. The end result – high-quality software created, in the shortest possible timeframe at least possible cost and a satisfied customer.